Freelance Frontend Developer

    I'm a freelance Frontend Developer specialized in building fast and secure websites with Next.js or Astro.

    Freelance Frontend Developer

    I’m a senior Frontend Developer with over 10 years of experience working on big corporate Projects as well as fast paced agency clients. I help companies, brands and agencies build digital products.

    I will help you build:

    • A fast and secure Jamstack website that is build using a static site generator like Next.js or Astro.
    • A well structured headless CMS which integrates seamlessly into your website or app. My preference here is the CMS Sanity.io.

    I can also provide technical consultation on an existing or planned project, to improve code quality, website performance and your SEO score.

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    ServicesHow can I help your Project as a Freelance Frontend Developer

    As senior Frontend Developer I have specialised in React as a framework and work a lot in the Jamstack context. This means building very fast static sites that are enhanced through serverless functions to deliver the best in class performance and flexibility.

    Common scenarios where I deliver successful projects:

    1. You are planning a new project and require technical advice on the frontend architecture.
    2. Your team needs a freelance Frontend Developer to support and create deliverables.
    3. Your design and UX is finished and you need a freelance Frontend Engineer to build the UI components or a full fledged UI / Design system.
    4. You wish to integrate ecommerce capabilities to an existing site or start a new headless Shopify project.
    5. Your website needs a content management system and you want to add a modern headless CMS.
    6. Your website does not perform as intended and needs to be audited to identify areas that can be improved upon. I will look at all technical aspects including but not limited to responsive behaviour, speed and loading kpis, on-page SEO factors and many more.

    If you are planning a new project or need support from a freelance Frontend Developer, please contact me to discuss how I can assist with your specific needs.

    Lets work together on your next frontend project